Syntray retoursysteem voor tuinbouwtrays

Synprodo introduces new return system for EPS horticulture trays

Saturday 01 January 2011
WIJCHEN - Under the name SynTray®, since 1 January 2011, Synprodo has been managing the return of EPS garden trays itself. This means that from that date, Synprodo has no longer been part of 'EPS Gardentrays International'.

Peter De Bruijn, General Sales Manager of Synprodo, explains this choice as follows:"Synprodo applies very high standards to its service provision and it had to conclude that the process operated by the association did not meet these high standards. We are of the opinion that the service provided can and must be better".

With SynTray®, this supplier of EPS and EPP products for industrial applications and the packaging sector expects to further expand its professional support. Peter De Bruijn says about this: "We will provide more clarity to our customers by making concrete agreements. For instance, we guarantee that material reported for collection will be collected at the latest the following week. We also inform the customer in advance of the exact collection day".

According to De Bruijn, the environment is an integral and self-evident aspect of Synprodo's quality policy. By collecting the EPS trays and processing them into new raw material, the company shows the responsibility it takes for the environment. In addition to SynTray®, BioFoam® is also an illustrative example of this policy. BioFoam® is an EPS variant made of vegetable waste. The patented material is, with respect to opportunities and properties, indistinguishable from EPS. A characteristic of BioFoam® is that, if desired, it can be completely composted.

Since 1 January, requests for the collection of used EPS garden trays can be made via