Synprodo takes over all of the EPS-related business activities from Van der Heijden

Monday 26 July 2010
WIJCHEN - “Today, Synprodo B.V., in consultation with Mr. L. Van der Heijden, the owner of Van der Heijden Nederland Polystyreen Schuim BV, has taken over all of the EPS-related business activities of that company. Van der Heijden has been active for more than 30 years and has built up an excellent reputation as a developer and producer of EPS products for the construction and packaging industries.

Mr L. Van der Heijden is extremely happy with this takeover, because it allows deliveries to his customers to be continued. Leo van der Heijden: "I consider Synprodo to be the best partner to continue the company that I have built up in a period of more than 30 years. Synprodo has the most modern EPS production equipment in Europe and provides excellent services that seamlessly match the wishes of my customers. Synprodo also produces its own raw material and has unique, patented products that in the future can also benefit my customers. For me it is a fantastic combination that will give my customers confidence"

Will Kemperman, General Manager Synprodo: " I am happy with this takeover, because the Van der Heijden activities seamlessly complement those of Synprodo. I see this as a powerful offering that will be in particular of benefit to the customers."

Synprodo BV
Synprodo BV is a leading supplier of EPS and EPP products for the packaging industry, the climate control sector, the food sector,the horticulture sector and the pharmaceutical industry. The company distinguishes itself by being proactive and operating from the perspective of its customers. Thanks to an extensive and proven product development policy, the company is able as no other to offer attractive solutions that respond to the wishes and requirements of its customers.

A good example of this is the development of BioFoam®. This innovative product is the first compostable foam with characteristics that are comparable to the properties and freedom of design offered by EPS. Synprodo recently won the prestigious 'SME Top 100 innovation prize' for this material, which is produced from vegetable waste.

Synprodo is part of Synbra Holding BV. It is an organisation with companies throughout Europe including Germany, France, England, Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands. Synbra is the total supplier of EPSEPP and other plastics. Synprodo has the most modern design facilities, an ultra-modern range of machines, the most innovative raw materials, advanced R&D departments and an extensive recycling system.