Synprodo Master Pallet on forklift

Synprodo introduces M-EPS Master Pallet®

Wednesday 01 December 2010
WIJCHEN - A huge number of goods are transported on pallets throughout the world. In Europe alone more than 420 million pallets are produced annually, and slightly more are produced in the US. Traditionally, pallets are made of wood and there is a great need for another way of transporting goods in an easy, safe and hygienic manner. Masterpallets BV and Synprodo BV have found the ideal solution: the Synprodo Master Pallet®.

Synthetic pallet

The Synprodo Master Pallet® is a synthetic pallet, made of M-EPS (Modified Expanded Polystyrene). This material makes the Synprodo Master Pallet® superior to the traditional wooden pallets in many areas.

Weighs less than 3 kilos
For instance, a standard wooden Euro pallet weighs around 20 kilos, this can rise by 30% if it gets wet. An equivalent Synprodo Master Pallet® weighs less than 3 kilos and is also completely insensitive to moisture.

100% recyclable
Where a wooden pallet can allow the undesired migration of bacteria, fungi and other types of micro pests, this plays no role whatsoever for a pallet made of M-EPS. Moreover, the M-EPS material is 100% recyclable, and if desired flame extinguishing.

Specific applications
The special properties of the product make the Synprodo Master Pallet® pre-eminently suitable for specific applications including air freight, where every additional kilo is associated with considerable additional cost, and the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries, where optimum hygiene is of utmost importance.

Up to 750 kilos The Synprodo Master Pallet® is suitable for a load up to 750 kilos (on request also higher carrying capacities are available). The pallet can also be fitted with three additional tubes, making them suitable for placing on steel racks without problem. These tubes are clicked into the bottom of the pallet (patented) and can also be easily removed, allowing 100% of the pallet to be efficiently and economically recycled. All versions can be supplied in four different sizes: 120 x 100 x 15 cm (the block pallet), 120 x 80 x 15 cm (the Euro pallet); 114 x 114 x 15 cm (the Big Bag pallet) and 80 x 60 x 12 cm (the Dusseldorf pallet).