Roger Smeets, Plant Manager van Lisopack & Peter de Bruijn, Commercial Manager van Synprodo

Lisopack acquires Benelux exclusivity from Synprodo for the use of BioFoam®

Tuesday 07 June 2011
WIJCHEN, SITTARD - BioFoam® is the first bio-based compostable foam with characteristics that are comparable to the properties and freedom of design of EPS (also known as Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene). Lisopack has acquired from Synprodo Benelux exclusivity for cutting BioFoam® into planks and boards to customer specification and by doing so offers, complementary to Synprodo, services to an important market segment.

BioFoam®; we cannot make it any greener.
BioFoam® is almost indistinguishable from EPS. To increase recognisability, the biodegradable BioFoam® has a light green colour. BioFoam® will conquer the world as the alternative to EPS. This means that a completely new direction has been taken, with a green variant for packaging, insulation and related products for which currently petroleum-based products are used. Working with Akzo Nobel Sustainable Systems, a complete Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) has been drawn up. BioFoam® results in 50 to 70% less CO2 emissions when compared to petroleum-based polymers.

Peter de Bruijn, Commercial Manager of Synprodo, "The agreement with market leader Lisopack is a recognition of the efforts of our company to position BioFoam® as a bio-based foam complementary to EPS."

About Lisopack
Lisopack has supplied customised standard EPS and EPP products for various applications for more than 50 years. As a technological market leader, Lisopack has developed its own processes and has continually invested in state-of-the-art equipment. In this time, extensive knowledge and experience has been gained, with machines and processing methods that were developed in house, to allow the best solutions to be offered for sustainable packaging.

Roger Smeets, Plant Manager at Lisopack, "The agreement with Synprodo represents the logical recognition of the leading role that Lisopack plays in the standardisation of foam. By including BioFoam® in our product range, we have succeeded in our efforts to offer a bio-based foam."

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