automotive EPP tray
EPP boot interior
The largest users of expanded plastics can be found in the automotive industry or its suppliers.

Synprodo BV is a strong partner when it comes to the production of technical parts, cargo carriers or packaging made of expanded plastics. Because of its low weight and high energy absorption, Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP) is used for non-visible car parts, which are crucial in the event of an impact (collision), to protect the passengers. Synprodo BV is strongly represented as a supplier to the automotive industry.

Sophisticated logistic concepts translate into trays, inserts for KLT boxes and nesting and/or stackable boxes made of EPP. Many parts are transported every day in these logistic-system components, which are often used in a return system.
Case Automotive - Applications in the automotive industry
Because of its low weight and high energy absorption, Synprodo EPS and EPP components are frequently used in car bodywork to protect passengers in a collision. Parts of the boot interior (for storing among other things the spare tyre, jack and warning triangle) are also increasingly made from EPP. Even after repeated use, the EPSEPP material remains intact, despite its low weight. The combination of applications in EPS and EPP reduces the total weight of the car, making it more fuel efficient.