We give shape to new ideas
Synprodo BV in Wijchen is the expert in the area of packaging, retail products, products for the climate control sector, the food sectorhorticulture and the pharmaceutical industry. As the most experienced supplier in Western Europe, we continue to surprise our customers with innovative solutions. Thanks to the state-of-the-art design facilities, ultramodern machinery and multiple professional R&D departments, we are able to translate more or less any wish into a flawless product. As you can expect from a supplier in our class, we apply the highest quality standards.

Exclusive and unique raw materials
To implement new ideas, we use among other things the synthetic materials EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and EPP (Expanded Poly Propylene). These raw materials offer unprecedented opportunities and unequalled product properties. We are unique in that we produce these materials ourselves. This provides you and us with the certainty of consistently high quality and guarantees availability.

The growing world of Synprodo
Synprodo is active in many areas. From packaging for all sorts of products to boiler housings, from trays for the horticulture sector to car bumpers and from insulation material for the building trade to electronics packaging. Our customer base includes many A brands, but also smaller companies appreciate our professional support and creativity. EPS and EPP are being used in ever wider and more comprehensive areas. For instance, thanks to innovative surface treatments, we can give our products a splendid functional design and unique appearance. By doing so, these products can be an excellent replacement for traditional housings, including metal.

A good example of the unlimited opportunities is the development of a complete boiler housing made of EPP. This innovation was rewarded with the 'Material Engineering Award'. Synprodo is as no other capable of repeatedly coming up with the most innovative and creative solutions. And we need to do so, because our customers have increasingly higher expectations of us. They are looking for a partner who understands what they need. A partner who does not know the word 'impossible' and who is willing to investigate new opportunities. A supplier who can initiate and implement new developments. The total freedom of EPS and EPP when making three-dimensional designs offers unprecedented opportunities. Synprodo sees these opportunities and is also able to realise them. For you, with you!

Our vision
The packaging industry is a market in which creativity and high quality are decisive to achieve success. Our customers expect us to take their perspective and provide professional support, among other things through flawless order handling and surprising, advantageous products.

Our continual focus on new technologies and the development of distinguishing, competitive and durable products enables us to meet these high expectations, time and time again. What is crucial for us is intensive cooperation with our customers. We give shape to new ideas, which we invent together with our customers.
Based on our extensive expertise, design facilities, state-of-the-art machinery and comprehensive know-how in the area of material applications and surface techniques, we want to maintain and where possible expand our leading role in Western Europe. Through continuous innovation and taking the perspective of our customers we are able to exceed their expectations.