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Heat recovery unit made of EPP

An important property of expanded plastic is its insulating capacity. In the climate control industry, expanded plastics are used in an increasingly innovative way. Several years ago, the applications were mainly technical, now they are also cosmetic.

In 2005, Synprodo BV won the Material Engineering Award for the complete boiler housing made of expanded polypropylene. The etching of moulds makes the appearance of expanded plastic durable and gives the opportunity to say goodbye to conventionally used materials including steel and thermoplastics.

Many years of experience and innovation give Synprodo BV a head start in the market and ensure that we are a strong partner for you.


Case Climate - Ventilation, air-conditioning and heating
Lightweight and highly insulating, structural and watertight where necessary: Just a few of the distinguishing features that make EPP so useful in this sector. In addition, an inventive click-together system allows virtually airtight seals to be made with EPP. Combined with a surface treatment on the outside, it can be used for housings, insulation and wall attachments. If desired, components such as inserts or a conduit for draining condensate can also be pre-assembled during production. These characteristics and options make EPP the perfect solution for manufacturing technical components for central heating boilers, heat pumps, district heating systems, boilers, heat recovery units, ventilation systems and more.