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EPP flower pots; available in 3 models & 3 sizes per model

Expanded plastic is used as a technical part of a product, in packaging combinations or as packaging itself. The high level of energy absorption and the freedom of design make expanded plastics extremely suitable as a transport buffer for fragile products. Load carriers, inserts, profiles and custom-made buffers protect your products on their way to their final destination. Synprodo BV uses a wide range of applicable plastics (EPSEPP and special foams) for this.

Large reputable manufacturers have preceded you in selecting our company and our total solutions. Together with our customers, we ensure that the supplied products fit seamlessly in the logistic system concerned, whether this is 'Just In Time', 'Kanban', 'VMI' or 'EDI'.


Case Retail - Flower pots and planters 
EPS and EPP are not just suitable for industrial applications. Thanks to various innovative surface techniques, the material has now even wider uses, including application in consumer products. Take flower pots and planters, for example. Sturdy yet lightweight and waterproof. They are of course available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.