BEWi Synbra Group
The standard product range: Rapid delivery and competitive prices

The standard product range consists of:

  1. EPS boxes
  2. EPS bottle packaging
  3. EPS and EPP corner protectors

1. EPS boxes
In our standard boxes you can pack fish, vegetables & fruit and meat. EPS is hygienic, insulating and water-repellent. Our standard boxes can be printed with your company's logo, or your design.

2. EPS bottle packaging The bottle packaging from our standard product range ensures that your bottles arrive unbroken at their final destination. If you cannot find the model you require: please contact us to discuss the options for custom-made packaging.

3. EPS and EPP corner protectors Corner protectors made of EPS or EPP protect your products perfectly. From vulnerable glass to furniture, doors, machines and household equipment. Corner protectors not only absorb shocks, they also hold your product in position. Due to the low weight and the design of the various models, packing your products using EPS and EPP corner protectors is more efficient than using alternative materials. 

EPS is a material that has many possibilities:

  • Insulates well due to the closed cell structure and is lightweight (98% air)
  • Good shock-absorbing properties
  • Moisture proof
  • Available in colour
  • Available in antistatic version
  • Almost unlimited possibilities in shape

In addition, EPS is an environmentally friendly material: it is absolutely free of CFCs and is completely recyclable.