Raw material for Raw material
For a considerable time, Synprodo has operated an innovative collection and recycling system in which used EPS products are processed to become new EPS and PS raw materials. In contrast to many other materials, EPS is 100% recyclable. Synprodo carries out the entire process of recycling within the company, therefore completely closing the chain. From raw material production to reuse.

EPS, unlimited recyclability
EPS can be mechanically recycled, melted and granulated to return to the basic raw material PS. 

Synprodo largest EPS recycler in the Benelux Synprodo reuses large volumes of EPS in its products, including the garden trays (under the name SynTray®). This saves precious raw materials and energy, it limits the waste flow and reduces the burden on the environment.

But EPS is not only reused in the production of final products. Our sister company the EPS raw material supplier Synbra Technology, has developed its own recycling process for EPS. You can read more about this in this article (in Dutch).

NoteEPS is recycled every day on a large scale. In this respect, EPS compares favourably with other packaging and insulation materials. Many of these materials are theoretically recyclable, but often only at very high cost. This makes recycling less attractive in practice.