BEWi Synbra Group

Under the name SynTray®, since 1 January 2011, Synprodo has been managing the return of EPS garden trays itself. This means that from that date, Synprodo has no longer been part of EPS Gardentrays International.

Return conditions for SynTray®

  • The EPS trays should be as clean as possible and in any case the contents should have been shaken out.
  • Trays should be returned on pallets that are a maximum 2.8 metres high and have a minimum volume of 20m3.
  • Broken EPS products should be returned in the transparent plastic bags intended for this purpose.
  • The trays should be free of labels (barcodes) and/ or plastic name stickers and free of chemical substances, etc.
  • The returned material should not contain pots or other hard material.
  • We expect that help will be offered to load the pallets.

If these conditions are not met sufficiently, SynTray® has the right to refuse to accept the EPS packaging, or to return it to you or dispose of it in another manner and to charge the costs to you. Any loss caused by not meeting these conditions sufficiently will be charged to the customer.