WIJCHEN - BioFoam® is the first compostable foam with characteristics that are comparable to the properties and freedom of design of EPS (also known as Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene). It seems like a fairytale, but it's just true. Synprodo succeeded, in close collaboration with its sister company Synbra Technology, to develop foam using expanded granulates based on organic matter. A patented solution makes heating and expansion possible, which creates a new raw material that is completely biodegradable and also has Cradle to Cradlecm certification. The SME Innovation Top 100 On 25 May 2010, this green innovation won the first prize at the SME Innovation Top 100. This list of honour, presented by Syntens, the innovation network for entrepreneurs, the entrepreneur magazine BIZZ and NL Octrooicentrum, lists the 100 most concrete innovative ideas that Dutch small and medium enterprises have realised. The winner was honoured by caretaker Minister Jan Kees de Jager (Finance). BioFoam® , we cannot make it any greener BioFoam® is almost indistinguishable from EPS. To increase recognisability, the biodegradable BioFoam® will be coloured light green. BioFoam® will conquer the world as the compostable alternative to EPS. And with it a complete new direction has been taken, with a green variant for insulation materials and related building products for which currently petroleum is used as the raw material: BioFoam® will result in a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions. Synprodo is investigating the opportunities it has to include BioFoam® in its product range. Do you want to know more?Would you like to know more about BioFoam®? Visit www.biofoam.nl