The Big Beanbag Company is a manufacturer of eco-friendly bean bags. They strive to market a fully sustainable product. For example, recycled bottles are used for the production of the bean bags.

For the filling of the beanbags, they, together with a university, conducted extensive research into the best material. In their research they came across the material BioFoam from Synprodo, or as they describe it themselves: 'The magic beans'. Looking at the sustainability aspects and the other performances, BioFoam stood head and shoulders above the rest.

BioFoam is made from vegetable raw materials and is CO2 neutral, non-hazardous, hygienic, lightweight and durable. BioFoam can also be composted and recycled. The biobased material is not only perfect for bean bags. It is also the ideal material for molded parts in various other areas of application, such as packaging, for example.