ETTEN-LEUR - Synbra Holding, the parent company of Synprodo, recently received the 'Prima Ondernemen Award'. This prize is awarded by the NRK (the Dutch rubber, adhesives and plastics industry) to the company that supplies the best performance in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation.

The company, established in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, is the largest supplier in Western Europe of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and with 1500 employees and 30 plants in six countries, it is a leader in the market for durable insulation systems and industrial products and solutions. In the Netherlands, the products are marketed by the daughter companies Synprodo (packaging) and IsoBouw Systems (building sector); market leaders that distinguish themselves by their continual development of innovative products.

A recent innovation is the development of the biodegradable material BioFoam®; a packaging and insulation material that is made from vegetable waste and that can be reused indefinitely.
In 2007, Synbra introduced a new insulation material under the name Xire®. The material combines all of the advantages of EPS with maximum fire safety. Xire® resists pressure and retains its shape, it is pleasant and easy to work with, environmentally friendly, and above all safe for health.

Synbra also takes the lead in the area of recycling. In January of this year, the company started a national project in the Netherlands for municipal collection of EPS packaging.

The prestigious prize was awarded to Synbra in part due to these developments. The professional jury praised Synbra in particular for its professional policy in the area of corporate social responsibility, its efforts in the area of recycling and its durable innovations.