ZALTBOMMEL - STYBENEX, the association of manufacturers of EPS products, has launched a completely updated website. This was not only desirable due to the integration with the manufacturers of EPS packaging and technical moulded parts, but also to present the knowledge about EPS products in a more orderly manner. 

Expanded polystyrene, in short EPS, better known as foam, PS hard foam or Styrofoam is one of the most versatile synthetic foams. In the building sector, it is used as a pressure-resistant insulation material in floors, walls and roofs; it is very useful as a packaging material due to its high shock-absorbing properties and in road construction it is known as a light-weight filler material. In addition, increasingly more EPS is used for technical systems. Almost all Dutch manufacturers working in the production and marketing of EPS for the construction and packaging sectors are now represented in a single organisation.

The updated website ( has ample space to address chain management and recycling, durable procurement and technical data. All of the brochures and background reports can be downloaded from the website. Stybenex can be contacted as a knowledge centre for EPS-related issues.