Construction & Insulation

Synprodo is at home in all markets. Our expertise spans many areas of application, and with over 65 years of experience, there are few challenges that we cannot solve ourselves. However, we are also convinced that you do not have to do everything yourself. After all, the fastest way to innovation is by working together and bringing different expertise together.

That is why we would like to introduce our sister company IsoBouw to you. IsoBouw stands for Innovation in Insulation. With EPS as the basic material for insulating construction products, they have been setting the trend for efficient and sustainable construction for years.

Devising and supplying innovative and high-quality EPS insulation systems for the construction sector is their most important mission. The goal: To create added value with distinctive and circular products and thereby make a contribution:

  • In the success of the specialist trade, specifiers, contractors and roofers.
  • In increasing the living comfort for clients/end users.

Thanks to innovative raw material and product developments, process improvements and the strengthening of the service package, they offer their customers more quality, more certainty, more convenience and greater cost reductions. IsoBouw is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Are you a contractor, roofer, architect, trader, private individual or a housing corporation? Our collegaues at IsoBouw are happy to provide you with advice.