BioFoam®: it could not be greener!
Fully compostable, but with the excellent properties and freedom of shape of EPS. It almost seems too good to be true. Nevertheless, we have succeeded in creating an even more sustainable alternative to EPS based on polylactic acid (PLA) that comes from vegetable waste. Patented technology allows heating and expansion, creating a new kind of foam material that is completely biodegradable.

This new raw material, renamed BioFoam, is just as impact-resistant and as strong as EPS. It does not absorb water and is excellent for insulation purposes. In terms of possibilities and properties, therefore, indistinguishable from traditional EPS!

The first to be 'cradle to cradle' certified
BioFoam is the first biological foam material worldwide to have obtained the 'cradle to cradle' certificate. Entirely in accordance with the 'cradle to cradle' principle, BioFoam products can be reused indefinitely without loss of quality.

With the production of BioFoam, CO2 emissions also decrease further. Although the energy requirement for the production of traditional EPS is already the lowest of all plastics, BioFoam drastically reduces the total CO2 emissions during production.

BioFoam is used in moulded parts as well as in (contour) cut products. This creates a wide range of technical products and packaging solutions with unprecedented freedom of form. All in all, BioFoam is the ideal choice for companies that want to take the next step towards sustainability.

A selection of BioFoam's broad recognition
2011    Winner Frost & Sullivan 'Green Excellence in Product Innovation 2011 award'
2011    Winner 'Dutch Building Prize'
2010    NVC - Bronze Note 2010
2010    Cradle to cradle certificate awarded
2010    Winner 'SME innovation Top 100'
2009    NRK - 'PRIMA Entrepreneurship Award Gold'

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