Unprecedented freedom of form and infinitely reusable 
EPS, polystyrene foam, tempex, hard foam, airpop®… There are almost as many names for expanded polystyrene as there are applications. It is a material that has been used on a large scale and for very different purposes for decades. EPS owes this popularity in part to its countless positive material properties.

Due to the unique production techniques for making EPS products, the available choices, and the possibilities for even very small details, EPS products can meet any desired three-dimensional design: complete design freedom!

Continuous innovation
Synprodo is constantly innovating for an optimal product. In other words: a product that meets all individual, functional and economic requirements, and also consists of as little material as possible, but still offers good protection. This is possible because EPS has an excellent shock absorbing capacity. The material is relatively strong, yet quite flexible and at the same time very stable.

Just like cardboard, corrugated cardboard and paper, regular EPS is combustible. The speed at which these materials burn does not differ much from each other. Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that the toxicity of the flue gases from burning EPS is significantly lower than that of many natural materials.

For example, TNO's Center for Fire Safety concluded in 1980 that the toxicity of the flue gases from EPS, even with uncontrolled combustion, is less than that of natural materials such as wool, cork and even wood.

Fortunately, we have not been sitting idle in the meantime: we now also offer a heat-resistant version of EPS. Ask us about the possibilities! We are happy to advise you.