10 June 2021

Grand opening EPS Loop June 16

Offering circular materials is a top priority for Synprodo and its parent company BEWI. Our ambitions have been laid down in a comprehensive 2030 sustainability plan. One of the goals is the use of at least 50% recycled material in all our products.

The recycling and reuse of EPS is already happening on a large scale, but with the opening of PolyStyreneLoop on June 16, a big next step is taken towards 100% recycling of all EPS and XPS products. PolyStyreneLoop was partly created at the initiative of BEWI and its subsidiaries, including Synprodo.

The focus of the state-of-the-art PS-Loop facility in Terneuzen will mainly be on the recycling of EPS and XPS. This material will be supplied by, among others, Poredo, a specialist in the collection of EPS and a sister company of Synprodo. On 7 June they delivered the first shipment of EPS demolition material to PS-Loop.

PolyStyrenLoop has a recycling capacity of 3,300 tons per year. Through an innovative chemical process, EPS and XPS materials are dissolved and purified before they are converted into the granulated recyclate without loss of material quality. This recyclate is then sent to our production companies to make new EPS products from it. In this way we close the cycle of EPS, even after the current useful life has ended.