21 April 2021

Sitting on BioFoam | Customer story

Beanbags are back – or maybe they never went away? They are perfect when you want to flop into something comfortable at the end of the day and an easy way to make your home a little more relaxed. If you choose right, a beanbag can also be sustainable.

In 2016 The Big Beanbag Company in Cornwall, England, set out to create the world's first eco-friendly bean bag. They contacted BEWiSynbra's Dutch company Synprodo, which had the perfect solution. "We're using a filling, which isn't used by any other company in the world, called BioFoam", says David Crawford, Managing Director of The Big Beanbag Company.

BioFoam is not only perfect for beanbags, it's also the ideal material for anyone seeking to insulate sustainably. It's made from vegetable raw materials and is CO2 neutral, non-hazardous, hygienic, lightweight and durable. BioFoam can also be composted and recycled.

“Big Beanbag Company is an innovative early adapter” says Peter de Bruijn, sales manager at Synprodo. “They understand the move towards a sustainable future, and we can supply them with our biobased materials, that’s a perfect match. The demand for this material is overwhelming and we are still searching for   partners in other countries that have the same ambition as David and his team”

The Beanbag Company combines it with threads made from recycled plastic bottles and 100% cotton weave fabric. "All our products are hand-made in Cornwall", says David Crawford.

The Big Beanbag company has been awarded the Number One Bean Bag in Great Britain by newspaper the Independent. "We love that it’s made using thread manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and filled with compostable plant-based filling", writes the Independent.