Trade organisations

Synprodo is affiliated with a number of national trade associations.

Representative of Dutch manufacturers of EPS products. They encourage the use of EPS because it has uniquely durable, insulating, protective and constructive characteristics and is therefore preferred for many applications. With advocacy, education and research, they contribute to the brand awareness and good reputation of EPS and ensure effective policy for EPS applications.

NVC Nederlands Verpakkingscentrum
The association of companies that recognise the importance of packaging as an activity within the entire supply chain of packaged products. Continuous improvement of packaging is stimulated by means of projects, information services and training.

Federatie NRK
The Federation of the Dutch Rubber and Plastics Industry (NRK) represents the interests of more than 400 companies clustered in 19 industry associations. They work on a healthy climate for the manufacturing industry and stimulate competitiveness, innovation and knowledge transfer, education and vocational training, a better environment and recycling.