BEWi Synbra Group
EPS cooling box for optimum protection and cooling

The products for the food sector are mainly fish crates, meat containers and meat trays.

In the food sector, the high insulating capacity of EPS is important for the temperature-controlled transportation of deep-frozen meat or fish. The meat trays can be found in the supermarkets. The fish crates are used in temperature-controlled transport and also as transport packaging for seafood from the fish auction to the trade.


Case Food - Packaging boxes for the seafood processing industry Fish and shellfish must all be processed quickly and properly cooled; so insulating packaging is therefore important. EPS is the perfect solution: it is strong, lightweight, stackable, retains its shape and has excellent insulating characteristics. Synprodo can produce and deliver large quantities in a short timeframe, ensuring the rapid processing of fish and shellfish at peak times.