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EPS seed and seedling tray

EPS seed and seedling trays distinguish themselves by the innovative applications and are an important aspect of the current cultivation methods. If required, any desired size can be produced. Due to the high degree of insulation, EPS is a perfect medium for the propagation and cultivation of young planting material throughout the world. Due to the specific properties of EPS, such as dimensional stability, dimensioning and favourable material properties, EPS is extremely suitable for the most modern transplant systems.

The EPS trays distinguish themselves by their strength and low weight and therefore form a particularly handy and reliable product. In addition, the collection system of used trays, called SynTray® , contributes to the success of EPS trays.


Case Horticulture - Garden trays
Excellent insulation (constant temperature for the roots) and their pristine white colour (light promotes growth) make EPS seed and seedling trays perfect for growing and cultivating young plants. They keep their shape, they can be produced in almost any size and are strong, lightweight and therefore extremely reliable and practical. What's more, they are 100% recyclable through our own unique collection system called SynTray®. Combined with our latest smooth cell technology, Synprodo trays can be used with the latest transplant systems.