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EPS bottom/ lid of the box protects and cools

In the pharmaceutical sector, the Synprodo BV products also offer maximum protection during transport and/or storage. The protective nature of EPS and EPP plays an important role here. In particular, the insulating properties of these materials make our products the most suitable transport medium in this sector. In addition, the increasing legislation and regulations that apply to the conditioned transport (and storage) of pharmaceutical materials play an important role.$0 $0 Of course, in this sector we can also offer you a total solution. If we cannot provide the perfect product from our extensive standard product range, we have our own modern and sophisticated R&D department, that can create a custom-made solution for your packaging needs. We even offer the ability to validate the total solution, ensuring you that the desired specifications are also realised in practice.


Case Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical packaging The pharmaceutical industry and the regulations that apply to it impose strict requirements on packaging materials. EPS has all the right properties to meet these tough demands. For example, EPS can protect glass bottles from breaking during transport and packages can be filled by machines because EPS packaging retains its shape so perfectly. EPS also has excellent thermal insulation characteristics, preventing the contents from warming up and making it the ideal material for cool boxes. That is why EPS is also widely used in cold chain solutions, for example shipments in dry ice at 79ºC and chilled shipments at 2 to 8ºC. The material is unaffected by moisture and retains its excellent properties under any climate conditions, unlike cardboard for example.