Actively engage in partnerships

A transition towards a circular economy requires a systematic shift, and fundamentally rethinking the way we produce, use and reuse products. It requires collective actions across the value chain, governments, and civil society.

We need to build a coalition for action that is both diverse and inclusive. Synprodo believes that a diverse community of businesses, governments, Non-Governmental Organisation and academics together can increase the capacity and capability and improve the global ecological conditions. Such partnerships will enable actions towards reaching the Paris agreement, and to build the necessary infrastructure and alliances to collect, retrieve and share circular knowledge on a global level.

By 2030 we are committed to:

Enhance policies and industry standards for circular solutions
    • Have an active role in international initiatives to promote circular solutions.
    • Be an active member in all national industry associations where we operate. By being open and transparent and sharing our knowledge from our successes, failures, and challenges.
Increase knowledge and innovation to enable circular solutions
    • Participate in research projects to explore opportunities and barriers for a more circular economy.
    • Collaborate and share our knowledge with organizations in emerging economies to enable a more circular economy and an inclusive society.
Team up to create joint value
    • Engage with our stakeholders to explore and identify opportunities to increase circularity through design, innovation, models of reuse and collection of materials for recycling.
    • Actively working with our suppliers to increase the demand for more sustainable products and solutions.
    • 100% of our suppliers comply with our sustainability requirements.