The 'cradle to cradle' philosophy

'Cradle to cradle' is not just a fashion term for Synprodo. It is the philosophy that concerns us every day. We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and are committed to this through continuous innovation. By embracing the 'cradle to cradle' philosophy, Synprodo focuses on sustainable product development by choosing the most environmentally friendly option at every stage.

Raw material extraction
The production of EPS takes place with extremely efficiently and with minimal use of raw materials. EPS products consist of only 2% raw material; the other 98% consists of air. The worldwide share of EPS in total petroleum consumption amounts to less than 0.0007%. Thanks to the innovation of our raw material supplier, sister company BEWI RAW (formerly Synbra Technology) in Etten-Leur, the production of the EPS raw material has also been made more sustainable with great success. Where previously the waste flow from this production had to be eliminated, 
since 2006 this sludge has been used as a filling material for certain types of polystyrene granulate.

EPS production
We also try to make the production process of EPS blocks and mouldings as sustainable as possible. Together with all its Dutch sister companies, Synprodo uses Green Electricity, which is 100% generated using wind turbines. In the generation of this energy, no environmentally harmful fossil fuels are used and hardly any polluting substances are released.

Through intensive cooperation with our customers, we do everything we can to complete the circle at the end of the lifespan of EPS products. Dutch horticulture in particular is a front runner in the field of EPS recycling. More than 90% of EPS horticultural trays are reused or recycled, and Synprodo is only too happy to encourage this. In the past Synprodo was part of the EPS GardenTrays International association, but since 2011, Synprodo has been collecting horticultural trays supplied under the name SynTray under its own management.

Synprodo has its own recycling units at all production locations where we process used EPS products into new raw materials. Despite the bad reputation of plastic, EPS is a sustainable and valuable raw material and, if collected properly, it can 100% be recycled into new EPS.

Synprodo carries out the entire recycling process internally, which completes the circle: from raw material production to reuse. This is how we are committed to a circular economy!